Evenly slice through cakes for creating layers with the Loyal Cake Leveller/Slicer! Level and trim for a perfect decorating surface. Cake Levellers are a necessary tool for every baker making cake decorating easy! 

How To Use:

  1. Adjut the height of the cutting wire to your needs by poitioning ends of the wire into notches at desired height.
  2. with the legs standing up on the work surface cut into the crusted edge using an easy sawing motion. Then proceed by gently gliding through the cake.


  • Levels and trim top of cakes fro a perfect decorating surface
  • Evenly slices through cake for perfect layers
  • cuts up to 11in/28cm in width and up to 2in/4.5ch in height
  • Nine adjustable height settings
  • Made of steel and wire (includes extra wire)

    Cleaning Instructions:

    1. Hand wash in warm soapy water
    2. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth