LOYAL's premium cake mix, a delightful addition to our range of high-quality baking products. A premium ingredients mix that bakes into perfectly moist and deliciously rich Chocolate flavoured cakes and cupcakes!

Loyal Chocolate Mud Cake Mix is available in three delicious flavours - vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, giving you a variety of options to satisfy everyones sweet cravings. Simply add 3 ingredients to the mix and you're ready to go! Follow the instructions on the package, and you will have a perfectly moist and scrumptious chocolate cake ready to be served in no time. Preperation: 15min | Bake: 60min | Total: 75min

What you need:

  1. 1kg Chocolate Mud Cake Mix
  2. 140ml Vegtable Oil
  3. 3 Eggs(180g)
  4. 265ML Water


  • Premium ingredients
  • Covers 8" Round Cake
  • Covers 7" Square Cake
  • Covers 20-24 cupcakes