LOYAL's premium cake mix, a delightful addition to our range of high-quality baking products. A premium ingredients mix that bakes into velverty cakes and cupcakes rich with Chocolate and raspberry Flavours with white chocolate flavour!

Loyal Red Velvet Cake Mix is available in three delicious flavours - vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, giving you a variety of options to satisfy everyones sweet cravings. Simply add 3 ingredients to the mix and you're ready to go! Follow the instructions on the package, and you will have a perfectly moist and scrumptious white chocolate cake ready to be served in no time. Preperation: 15min | Bake: 60min | Total: 75min

What you need:

  1. 1kg Red Velvet Cake Mix
  2. 140ml Vegtable Oil
  3. 3 Eggs(180g)
  4. 265ML Water


  • Premium ingredients
  • Covers 8" Round Cake
  • Covers 7" Square Cake
  • Covers 20-24 cupcakes