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Colour Mill - Kickstarter 12 Pack Set

This one's for the people who dive head first into anything they do, who think 'why would I buy one when I can buy twelve?' So if you're just getting started in the baking biz or giving Colour Mill a go for the first time. Don't just start, kickstart with this pack of 12 must-haves.

Unlike conventional gel-colours, our oil-based pigments are packed to the brim with butter-loving pigment and are ready to seamlessly mix, mingle and be topped with sprinkles. Free from fillers and gums, our fade resistant formula is here to brighten up your baking and give your occasions the colour they deserve.

Before getting started, use the bottle lid to pop a hole in the seal and give the bottle a good shake. Our pigments pack a punch so take it slow when colouring, starting with just a few drops and mixing as you go. For a full-colour fill, add a maximum of 1% of colour to your mixture. Tip: If you have time and for the best results, let your mixture sit overnight.

Our Oil Blend pigments love all the delicious fats and butters in your baking and works best with Buttercreams, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Fondant, Ganache, Cake Batter & more.


Shake well before use
Take it easy, colours will develop over time
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

    Pack Includes:

    1 x 20ml Yellow
    1 x 20ml Orange
    1 x 20ml Red
    1 x 20ml Hot Pink 
    1 x 20ml Baby Pink 
    1 x 20ml Purple 
    1 x 20ml Black
    1 x 20ml Brown
    1 x 20ml Forst
    1 x 20ml Lime
    1 x 20ml Sky Blue 
    1 x 20ml Royal Blue 

    Size: 12 x 20ml

    Ingredients: Glycerol (E422), Canola Oil, Colours (E102*, E110* , E129*, E171, E120, E127, E133, E153, E172, E132), and Emulsifiers (E322, E433)

    • Allergen Free