Add a touch of luxury and sparkle! Bring glamour to your cakes, cookies and desserts by adding Edible Gold 24 Karat Leaf to your creations. This product will disintegrates in the mouth and is tasteless.

5 x Edible Gold 24 Karat Leaf Transfer - 8cm x 8cm

Directions of Use:

  1. Brush the surface of you cake, cookie or sugar creation with water or apply adhesive medium such as a confectiners glaze. You may wish to use a food safe paintbrush. Ensure the surface is free of any powdered sugar or corn starch before starting this process.
  2. You should allow the surfcace to become tacky before attemping to transfer the leaf
  3. Carefully left the transfer and carefully place the leaf onto the surface.
  4. Once your leaf has been placed and attached to your cake or sugar creation, you may need to smooth it down. To smooth, gently and very lightly brush your leaf/transfer sheet with a high quality make-up brush, or you can use the transfer sheet to carefully smooth the leaf.

Important note: The sheets are extremely delicate so care must be taken when taking them out of packaging and applying to product. Product will not maintain its quality if exposed to air, light or humidity.

Storage and Handling Before Opening: Store in a dark place between 18-28 Degrees.

Storage and Handling After Opening: Carefully cover any unused leaves in cling wrap and store in an airtight container in a dark place between 18-28 Degrees.

5 X Edible Gold 24 Karat Leaf Transfer - 8cm x 8cm