This fondant and paste extruder to create professional effects. Perfect for creating different designs that can be too hard to create by hand, or otherwise too time-consuming.

Contains circles, half moons, grass discs, squares, and many more shapes. Use with fondant, modelling paste, sugar paste, marzipan and more. Each Paste Extruder contains a screw, gasket and 20 discs. Discs come in round, screen, flat, square, triangle and half rounds

Suggested discs create:

Round: Borders, letters, rope, stem and vines.
Screen: Floral stamens, grass, hair and straws.
Flat: Bows, lattice, quilling, ribbons and weaving baskets.
Square/Triangle/Half Round: Borders, bricks, logs and triangles.

    Cleaning Instructions

    1. Unscrew the cap and disc 
    2. Clean excess fondant or paste from the end cap and disc 
    3. Unscrew the top of the extruder 
    4. Pull the rod out gently 
    5. Clean excess fondant or paste from the barrel and plunger