This O'Khach Love Embosser Stamp is the perfect way to tell someone how much you love them. The embosser stamp set measures approx 7cm in diameter. 

The 1 piece O'Khach Love Embosser Stamp includes:

1 x Love Embosser Stamp

All stamps are created using PLA filament. PLA filament is an abbreviation for Polylactic Acid Filament. This is a plastic material that is prepared from vegetables, especially cornstarch. Cornstarch is biodegradable and renewable.

Due to the Nature of 3D printing, there may be slight imperfections however, this will not affect the design or the final outcome.

Instructions: Prepare your work space by sprinkling a thin layer of corn flour. Using a rolling pin, you will need to roll out your dough/fondant to your desired thickness, we usually recommend 2mm to ensure all designs come through. Place any of our Cutters/Stamps over your dough/fondant and press in firmly around and then remove to see what you have created.

Care Instructions: Always handling with care as these cutters have been created with a sharp edge to ensure you get the best cut possible.

After using our cookie cutters and stamps, wash in warm water only with detergent and leave to air dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DISHWASHER as this will ruin/distort this product. Store in cool place out of direct sunlight.

All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied.
This design is the property of O'Khach Baking Supplies having the exclusive worldwide rights to provide the product for sale.